Waht is a biosphere reserve?

Waht is a biosphere reserve?

Waht is a biosphere reserve?


Biosphere reserve are areas of major natural and culturl value.
Biospher reserves aim to promote social and economic devlopment, safeguard biologica diversity and serve as arenas for research and education.
Biospher reserve ar nominated by the government and chosen by UNESCO

It is in many places easily accessible river beach by car. some sites are suitable for the disabled where Tyttbo rapids are one of these sites


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Our Fishing Rules

Our fishing rules based on what we currently know. This means that the rules are not static but change over time.

-Note that in Tyttbo, C & R applies to all species.
– Only one lure may be used at a time.
– Prohibition on angling with passive equipment or passive rod.
– Only fish for consumption on the premises may be entered, provided it otherwise falls within the min-max dimensions of the species ..
– Pike min 40 – max 80
– Walleye min 50 cm
– Perch. max 25 cm
In Bysjön Grayling-Fishing prohibited from October 1 to May 15
– C & R applied according to established procedures. Landing net with knotless nets should be used. Handle fish with care and as far as possible underwater.
– Show respect for those who live around the lake or those who are staying on the lake.
– Do not disturb the bird life and animal life.

Remember that you and others in your group is responsible for the harm caused to equipment, boats and nature.