B & B

Bed & Breakfast or Rent the whole house.

Bengt’s Bed & Breakfast in a rural setting, far from urban noise and life, yet not more than 25 km to the nearest town. You wake in the morning by cockcrow your breakfast is served and you are ready to face a new day, whether it’s for business or if you have any days off. After breakfast, you go down to the lake take a swim from the pier or charter a boat and take a trip out on the lake Bysjön. Easier fishing equipment can be borrowed.

Get more time for your fishing vacation book our “BREKFAST IN BED” service!

Our breakfast consists of locally produced food, some from our own farm.

Bengt’s Bed and Breakfast is for those who choose to experience the Swedish countryside on a working farm. Bed and Breakfast is perfect for those who are traveling either on holiday or on business.
Wake up in the morning to a country breakfast. This is the perfect introduction to a new day.

Rent the whole house. Please contact us for an offer of accommodation in the house

You can also rent the whole house, a perfect choice for those who primarily want to experience the Lower Dalälvens Reiver Landscape bisospher reserved on your own Bengt lies almost in the middle of bisospher area and ability to reach destinations by car for a day trip.

All rooms have views over the lake but the question is whether “Maid chamber has them most amazing view trespass one hundred meters from the window is Lake Bysjön. In the meadow between the house and the lake roam our sheep.


The room where the groom lived have tile oven. early spring or late fall, it’s nice to light a fire and feel the heat from the fire.Nytt! Klicka på orden ovan om du vill visa alter



  1. Monika Lindqvist, 10 May, 2022
    Hej! Jag undrar om ert hus för uthyrning är ledigt 18-19 Juni? Med vänlig hälsning, Monika


Our Fishing Rules

Our fishing rules based on what we currently know. This means that the rules are not static but change over time.

-Note that in Tyttbo, C & R applies to all species.
– Only one lure may be used at a time.
– Prohibition on angling with passive equipment or passive rod.
– Only fish for consumption on the premises may be entered, provided it otherwise falls within the min-max dimensions of the species ..
– Pike min 40 – max 80
– Walleye min 50 cm
– Perch. max 25 cm
In Bysjön Grayling-Fishing prohibited from October 1 to May 15
– C & R applied according to established procedures. Landing net with knotless nets should be used. Handle fish with care and as far as possible underwater.
– Show respect for those who live around the lake or those who are staying on the lake.
– Do not disturb the bird life and animal life.

Remember that you and others in your group is responsible for the harm caused to equipment, boats and nature.