Autum fishing

Autum fishing

Autum fishing

Pike fishing in the fall is surprising and exciting. The weather is changing sometimes hot, sometimes cold, calm or windy, which is a challenge for the fishermen who are not looking for the easiest challenges. The reward may unexpectedly cut fishing. The videos below were filming in mid-October with a Polish sport teams..



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  Pike part 2  Open in New Link




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Our Fishing Rules

Our fishing rules based on what we currently know. This means that the rules are not static but change over time.

– Only one lure may be used at a time.
– Prohibition on angling with passive equipment or passive rod.
– Only fish for consumption on the premises may be entered, provided it otherwise falls within the min-max dimensions of the species ..
– Pike min 40 – max 80
– Walleye min 50 cm
– Perch. max 25 cm
Grayling-Fishing prohibited from October 1 to May 15
– C & R applied according to established procedures. Landing net with knotless nets should be used. Handle fish with care and as far as possible underwater.
– Show respect for those who live around the lake or those who are staying on the lake.
– Do not disturb the bird life and animal life.

Remember that you and others in your group is responsible for the harm caused to equipment, boats and nature.